Clegg 66'er 6 Meter Transceiver Project

The Clegg 66'er is a 6 meter transceiver with an advertised output of about 18 watts. I picked up this unit at the Gloucester County Radio Club hamfest, 2023. For $20 I couldn't pass it up. And when I got home and cleaned it up, it was in nearly perfect cosmetic condition.

It had some old electrolytics that needed replacement. I didn't bother with the ones in the 12VDC mobile circuit as I had run out of the correct values and knew I wouldn't be using it mobile. I did find a multi-value can with the right values (but $35!) and decided to go for it as it would be a much neater replacement than trying cram 3 450VDC caps under the chassis.

Plugged it in with the variac and brought up the voltage slowly, and lo and behold, the receiver worked. Go a nice signal with a signal generator lead a few feet away.

A dummy load on the transmitter provided a good 16-17 watts on a Diamond power meter with a 1K tone. Switching to a mic, a nice fluctuation in power shown.

Every downloadable manual was in such poor shape, with barely readable schematic. Many of the component values were unreadable and going back and forth to the parts list (which was also barely readable) led me to redraw the schematic, which is shown below. I put a lot of time into figuring out values that were hard to read, but I make no guarentee of accuracy. Click on the schematic for a larger file