The Ameco ham radio products ranged from Novice transmitters, to VHF transceivers, to VHF converters. Since acquiring the Hallicrafters SX-101A I've wanted to find a 6 meter converter that will output the 30.5 - 34.5MHz that the receiver requires to make use of the built-in "Converter" band. The CN50 has that capability. I've also purchased an Ameco TX62, a 6 and 2 meter transmitter. It hasn't arrived as yet so I don't know what condition it's in, but it was incredibly cheap, so it might need a bit of work.

Ameco CN50 - 6 Meter Converter


The downloadable manuals for the CN50 (also included are the CN144 and CN220) must be a copy of a copy of a copy, as the schematics are almost unreadable. I drew over the available schematics and kept searching until I was fairly sure that I had the correct information to put on the circuit. Clicking on the image brings up a high res jpeg image. I know this is a bit fussy, but looking at the blurry schematic and the way it was drawn, it was difficult (for me) to read all the ground connections. So I've used green lines to show where components have ground connections.


To change the output frequency a change of crystal, capacitor and in some cases a wire jumper change is needed. There are other output frequencies possible by looking at the chart in the manual. I have 3 frequency choices on the schematic above. The output transformer and the C23 capacitor are shown here.

Ameco TX62 - 6 Meter Transmitter


I picked up the TX-62 at a swap meet in November 2022 for a very good price and have since re-capped it and found a number of incorrect connections when a previous owner attemped to rewire some circuits. Redrawn the TX-62 schematic because I found it difficult to follow the low res images I had to use. Click on image for high res jpeg. I carefully retraced the Ameco schematic and I tried to be acuarate but it is possible I made an error or two, so no guarentee is implied.

I found the manual to be a bit challenging to follow when I wanted to build a T/R switch that would silence my receiver and turn the VFO on and off. Maybe I'm just thick.

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